Sunday, January 04, 2015

New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I am so excited for the new year for so many wonderful reasons. I'm always against New Years resolutions; however, I love the excitement everyone gets over goals and plans. I'm a little obsessed with planners (I bought FIVE new planners. . . I'll explain).

I love writing to-do lists and writing things down for me to cross off and accomplish. Five planners is a bit much, but let me explain.

One of my planners is for ONLY food. It includes recipes, grocery lists, dinner ideas, new foods I want to try, etc. It is so great having a planner just for that reason, because you can look back on past weeks and just. . . copy! If you're sick of having the same meal all the time, this planner would be perfect for you. I get the one with the month AND weeks so I can write out recipes and grocery lists. The month is used for something simple: TACOS. SPAGHETTI. GRILLED CHICKEN. This one my fiance can also see so he can jot down ideas or things we need to pick up from the grocery store or if he has any dinner plans for work that I'll be eating solo that day. (aka: Panera night) I keep it near the kitchen so we always know!

My second planner is for workouts. I can write down goal weights, how many calories I burned, how many calories I took in for the day, which area of the body I should work out that day, etc. This one is just for me and my own personal goals. 

My third planner is for. . . plans! Of course I need to write down work schedules, schedules with friends, birthday, events, etc. Going with the fourth planner, this one is much bigger that I keep on the fridge so my fiance can also see what we have going on for the month. 

My fifth is back up. Just in the rare case that I would lose it. But honestly, I keep it at work at write "work to-do's". 

I will be honest. They all roll into one during the middle of the year and I lose the other four. But, hey! I tried.

Hope these ideas helped you get a little more organized. 
Happy New Year!

xoxo Kara