Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trophy Wife (in training) Tuesdays

Hello! Welcome to Trophy Wife in Training Tuesdays. These posts are going to based around cooking, cleaning, organizing, date nights, and everything else that will make us into the perfect trophy wife! (This is a fun blog--so please don't take it too seriously)

Today I'm working on getting ready for SPRING CLEANING! Now, I know it's not nearly spring in my neck of the woods; however, it's never to early to get organized to clean.

Cleaning can be overwhelming, but if you split it into multiple tasks and days--it will be done before you know it! First what I suggest is making a list of all the rooms. Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Laundry Room, etc.

Then breaking off into specifics that need to be done in that room.
     -wipe down outside
     -organize inside
wipe down sink

then move to the next room.

Instead of putting LAUNDRY and getting overwhelmed by the amount I break it down into loads

then check them off as you go! The best thing is to take out your calendar once you've completed your list of "to-dos" and write it on that day pending how much time you have in your schedule. This will help keep specific rooms or tasks in your every day schedule so you can organize and keep clean weekly (Tuesday- dust // Tuesday-bathrooms)

How do you organize your cleaning? Leave comments below!
xoxo Kara