Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Squat Challenge

Join me in my 15 Day SQUAT to a Better Bum Challenge!
Day 1: 25 squats
Day 2: 30 squats
Day 3: 35 squats
Day 4: 40 squats
Day 5: 45 squats
Day 6: 50 squats
Day 7: 55 squats
Day 8: 60 squats
Day 9: 65 squats
Day 10: 70 squats
Day 11: 75 squats
Day 12: 80 squats
Day 13: 85 squats
Day 14: 90 squats
Day 15: 95 squats
Bonus Squat Day: 100 squats
Before starting this challenge make sure you know how to do a PROPER SQUAT (Bum back like you're sitting on a chair. Make sure your chest is tight and your head is up! Knees must be in-line with toes.)
Try these 3 steps to a correct squat:
1. Stand facing wall 1/2inch away.
2. Lower, bum out, knees in line with toe, make sure you're knees are NOT touching the wall
3. Coming up, tighten your abs, butt, and thighs.
...and repeat!
Good luck.
xoxo Kara
Update: You guys I FAILED my first workout challenge. I started two days ago, did my squats, and literally cannot even squat to sit on the toilet (TMI?). It works. So my NEW challenge to you is: if you skip a day you MUST start from day one. Good luck and happy squatting.
Updated YUMMY recipe for Vanilla Perfect Fit Protein (70 calories). Add it to your favorite Starbucks Iced drinks for a cold, refreshing after workout drink. My current favorite is the iced venti skinny hazelnut latte (+/- 110 calories)  What are your favorite protein shake recipes? Leave them in the comments below!