Monday, December 17, 2012

Embrace your inner Sparkle.

Every approaching New Years Eve I imagine black tie events, popping champagne, and kissing Christian Grey at midnight. However, this outfit is inspired by my actual New Years plans every year: dinner, drinks with loved ones, and kissing my boyfriend after he high-fives all of his friends. (I'm only sort of joking) So this outfit is dedicated to all of you who have a fun New Years, but don't necessarily need a ball gown to celebrate.

1. This Cardigan from Vanity gives just enough sparkle and lace detail to this New Years Eve outfit
while still giving it a casual appearance. At $29.80 this is a staple piece you could wear year round. *If you supply an e-mail they give you 20% off!

2. The earrings I found at The Buckle give a sparkle effect perfectly that bounces off the shimmer from the boots. At only $9 it's perfect for the New Year.

3. This tank from Aeropostale is perfect for layering. I picked black so the gold accent pieces would 'pop'.

4. I am in LOVE with these ankle boots from Vanity. They are selling for $42.80 but if you are a student you can get 20% off!

5. Any black skinny jeans would work with this outfit. The specific jeans I used in this outfit are from American Eagle.

6. Last, I found this adorable glitter clutch from Kohl's. It comes in a lot of different colors...and it's on sale!

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