Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fashion always repeats itself.

The pictures in this photo were not taken by me. These were taking from the websites stated as to where you can find each item. The picture taken of Kourtney Kardashion is from and can be sourced from the link below the picture.

I was out shopping this Saturday afternoon and noticed some very interesting things. This fashion inspiration was made by me last year around spring time (2011) and now in July 2012, I found almost the SAME exact items. Here is why key fashion pieces always stay in style.

1. A cream lace top can be paired with so many different pieces. Kourtney is wearing it with a coral skirt, but they can also we paired with the American Eagle pink/coral shorts.

2. Crochet sandals are always perfect for summer. The ones picture are from the Buckle, but I also spotted a pair in season from Maurices, Vanity, and Target.

3. Gold jewelry. Need I say more? The earrings pictured above from Claires are such classic pieces I think my mom still has a pair from the 80's. I just bought a pair from Old Navy-- yeah, when did they add jewelry?? But they are Black and Gold.

I found this funny looking thru old pictures on my computer and noticed I just saw most of the same items out in stores right now! They of course have a different spin on them, but over all they look the same. 

The only thing that was out- the feather necklace. I was never a fan of those anyways.

Until next time-
Kara Louise.